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The Course

The TOEFL IBT & IELTS are internet-based test. Online classes have proven more effective since they help students overcome anxiety, improve test endurance, and test building skills since they are working with a computer. In other words, it helps familiarize yourself with what will take place on the exam day. Doing online training also saves you the trouble of being late for a class since you can take it from anywhere.

At TOEFL TRAINERS, we are dedicated to giving you the best by using state of the art video conferencing tools to ensure flawless communication at no added costs. Effective time management is key to doing well on the test day; hence, we will practice budging your time while training.


To start the course, you will need the Official TOEFL guide (IBT) or the book sugested by your IELTS trainer, as well as non-official materials customized by TOEFL TRAINERS.

Besides the TOEFL Guide, we have selected a few extra tips you will need to succeed during the classes:

  • Make sure your cell phone is turned off;

  • Make sure the audio is working on your computer;

  • Make sure the camera is working;

  • Get ready for the class at least 10 min before the class;

  • Have a pen and a notebook available;

  • During the class, close all other computer programs. All you are going to need is your browser (like Google Chrome), Word and e-mail;

  • Get some refreshments or anything else you can think of, so we don’t have to interrupt the class.

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