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Flavia C. - Rio de Janeiro

TOEFL TRAINERS did a fantastic job of giving me the skills necessary to score high on the test. Unlike most online classes that use Skype, Ana used interactive software that had real-time audio, video, and shared screen capabilities. Every class felt like we were in the same room together. That created a fun learning experience and a more personal relationship with my trainer. And, it didn’t stop there. Now that I am in the U.S, I’ve already made use of the Assignment Correction Service and I can count on the TOEFL TRAINERS team for any advice I need adapting to my new environment.  

Marcelo L. - Sao Paulo

The methodology used by TOEFL TRAINERS is very effective. Carla took the time to customize the training based on my abilities. She identified my weakness and addressed them on a personal level. Her teaching approach gave me confidence on test day and helped me achieve the score I was aiming for.  

Pedro D.  -  Brazil

The TOEFL TRAINERS course exceeded my expectations significantly. Thanks to Carla and her team I scored higher than I needed for acceptance into my chosen University.

Dongye K. -  South Korea

TOEFL TRAINERS provided me with the tools that I needed to achieve a high score on the test. They encouraged me while I gained a lot of knowledge and strategies during the two months of studies. Thank you TOEFL TRAINERS for making my dreams come true!

Nhiên T. - Vietnam

I highly recommend TOEFL TRAINERS. You not only trained me to achieve the TOEFL score I needed, but really helped me adjust to American culture.