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Rachel C. – Nurse

To become a registered nurse in Texas I needed an overall IELTS score of 6.50 with 7.0 on speaking. I was really struggling, especially on the speaking and writing. The methodology use by TOEFL TRAINERS is very effective. It identified my weaknesses and provided me with the strategies and knowledge that I needed to pass. My trainer did a fantastic job of raising my English skills and building my confidence.  I would recommend TOEFL TRAINERS to anyone who must pass IELTS.

Obie M. – Physical Therapist

The methodology used by TOEFL TRAINERS is very effective. Carla took the time to customize the training based on my abilities. She identified my weakness and addressed them on a personal level. Her teaching approach gave me confidence on test day and helped me achieve the score I was aiming for.  

Maria R. – Nurse

I took the TOEFL test but did not get the required 26 score in speaking.. After several private Zoom lessons with Ana, I had the confidence to try again. I passed the test on my next attempt. I can only say positive things about my experience with TOEFL TRAINERS.  

Vanessa B. – Pharmacist

The methodology used by TOEFL TRAINERS is very effective. I passed the IELTS after taking their customized curriculum based on my writing and speaking difficulties. I had worked with other tutors before TOEFL TRAINERS, but they did not teach me the skills and strategies necessary to pass.

Zahara J. - Dentist

TOEFL was required  to practice pharmacy in the U.S. I studied on my own, took the TOEFL test and failed. I had to have a total score of 95. Carla provided me with the tools necessary to pass the test. She encouraged me during the course while I gained knowledge and learned test taking strategies. I passed the test on my next attempt. 

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