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Image by Rita Morais
Why we are the best


• The only international tutoring company we know of that has a tried and proven methodology to help you achieve you desired TOEFL & IELTS score.


• We use actual test examples from previous exams when preparing you for your exam.

• Customized training based on students’ skills. Our tutors are equipped with the skills to take you at your own learning pace. No rushing or dragging depending on your mastery of the subject.

• Combined teaching experience of over 40 years. Our tutors are no newcomers in the TOEFL & IELTS Training industry, our most experienced tutor being Carla, has tons of experience accumulated over the years. In fact, she started just like you.

• We take the training process very seriously, and our selection process is very vigorous. One of the requirements being that all trainers need to have taken the one or both exams.

• Private one on one training. For the students who may not be able to access our classrooms, we can offer personal online training sessions where our tutors are able to identify your learning problems and address them at a personal level.

• Specialized in TOEFL & IELTS only. Unlike many money-oriented institutions, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the necessary score you need on your exams. Joining us ensures that you experience a TOEFL & IELTS only environment. This has helped students learn faster.

• The founder, who is also a trainer, is a native Brazilian living in the US. Carla started her journey right in your shoes. Many years ago, she took her TOEFL test to pursue her degree in the US. Years later, she started TOEFL TRAINERS to help you achieve your dreams too. We understand your situation     more than you think.

Image by Rita Morais
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