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Don't Give Up! How to Keep Your Motivation Alive.

Hey guys, it’s time to take control of your mind and emotions and make your dreams come true. Keeping yourself motivated is key, especially now that we are overwhelmed with so many concerns, doubts and uncertainties because of Covid-19 and its impact on the world. Yes, we all agree that a lot has changed. Nevertheless, what must not change is your ability to visualize your future and goals. It will take motivation and grit to get you there. At TOEFL TRAINERS we care about you and your future. Therefore, we have selected a few tips that should help you stay motivated and productive. Remember, as we mentioned on a previews blog, you are responsible for your own attitudes now and in the future. So, it’s time to work on your goals as never before.

No matter how difficult things seem now, your purpose and motivation have not gone away. Although your big picture thinking tends to fade sometimes, you can still have that drive, that purpose. The difference is that you may need to be more flexible now and work a little harder, or in a different way, than you did before. Motivation is not something you have naturally. It is something you work at. The more you work at it, the greater it becomes.

For Motivation to happen, 3 things must be in place:

1) Ambition. Motivation begins with Ambition, which is the will to want something more, a desire, or a will to change. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more from your life. So, motivation is about cultivating your ambition. That said, you need to get closer to your goals every day. Look at them on a more consistent basis. Visualize the outcomes. If you want to become an international student at a U.S. University, then dream about it, think about it and work towards it daily. By looking at your goals and working on them every day you will keep your motivation alive.

2) Believe you can achieve it. You have goals, dreams and desires you are seeking to achieve, right? The belief that you can make your dreams happen, that you can figure things out and make good decisions towards them is another aspect that effects your level of motivation. Although hope and faith are important, they are not enough. You must do what it takes to make it happen. You must believe you can do what is necessary to increase your motivation. And go for it. So, make plans every day that are congruent to your goals. This attitude also makes your body and your brain energized. The more you believe in yourself and work on yourself, the more motivated you become.

3) Effort. Yes, here we are again talking about hard work. “Going for it” is a state of mind that turns into actions as soon as you realize you are in control of your life. Putting the necessary effort every day is what will make the difference on how successful you become. And remember, the effort you make today will return an even higher level of motivation tomorrow. It is rewarding to know that you are moving forward towards your goals consistently.

As you can see, working on your motivation is crucial to achieving your goals. So, skill up, learn new tools, plan your day and prioritize your productivity. Are you doing that? Great, because your dreams of studying at an American University have not ended because of Covid-19. The United States will come back stronger and better than ever before. Soon, you will be free to join other international students and make your mark here in the United States. So, give it your best now, keep studying English, get ready to score high on the TOEFL. That means starting your TOEFL preparation now. Start preparing yourself for the life you’ve imagined, and rest assured, TOEFL TRAINERS will be there to guide you on your journey. Have questions? Contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

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