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Life After TOEFL

You did it. You passed the TOEFL with flying colors. Congratulations! The door to your new life has opened wide and a brand new road spans ahead of you. It's easy to imagine that right now you rule the world of English as a second language. You probably pumped your fist and thought "Let's do this!"

And suddenly it hits you… Slowly but surely a creeping feeling crawls up your spine and you hear a tiny voice in your brain saying:

Now what do I do?

What's the next step?

How do I get started?

Help! I'm lost!

At TOEFL TRAINERS we understand these feelings and believe us when we say they are perfectly normal and quite common among those who have aspirations of an academic life abroad. Yes, we have all felt that way at one point in time. But don't worry, there is life After TOEFL and at TOEFL TRAINERS we are prepared to help you ease into it so as to maximize your chance of success.

Caring about you and your success

One of the things that makes TOEFL TRAINERS such a success is that we have all walked in our students' shoes. We know how overwhelming it can be to get ready to take the next step. We understand that taking the test and achieving a great score is nothing compared to what comes afterward. Preparing for a brand-new life is definitely a daunting task, and that's why we have chosen to accompany you throughout the achievement of your goal of studying and possibly staying in the U.S. permanently.

Becoming successful involves several key factors, such as adapting to your new environment in all aspects of your life, including academically, socially and emotionally. The cultural differences between your current lifestyle and those you will find in the U.S. can be shocking. Simple things, such as mealtimes and the types of food that are or aren't available to you, can cause an emotional upheaval that may put a damper on your path to becoming successful.

Moreover, as a new resident of the U.S. you will find you have to perform certain tasks that, while menial, can be confusing to a newcomer, such as getting a driver's license, opening a bank account, buying a car, and much more. At TOEFL TRAINERS we provide consulting services that will help you get these things done quickly and easily so you can focus on what really matters to you, your success. Our founder's experience at overcoming these hurdles during her own experience abroad has proven to be invaluable to our students as they face the same obstacles.

Ready? Let's get started

One of the first things you must be aware of when you are planning on getting to and staying in the U.S. is that there is a very strict process to be followed. Acquiring your student visa requires a lot of patience, determination, persistence, commitment, discipline and maturity, otherwise you may find yourself standing out in the cold without any other options.

It is also important to know the obligations you must comply with during your time as a student, so as not to run the risk of having your visa revoked. One of the most important obligations the State Department will require is that you must sign up for a complete course load. This means that you can't just take a class here and there to justify your permanence, but rather a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester if you are an undergraduate student or 9 credit hours or 3 thesis credit hours if you are a graduate student in order to avoid the termination of your F-1 visa.

Keep in mind that only one online class per semester counts toward the full-time credits required to maintain your F-1 visa. At least 6-9 credits per semester (depending on whether you are an undergrad or a grad student) must be classes that meet on-campus. Of course, there are no limits to how many courses you can sign up for, and these are only the minimum requirements. We must note that, as with everything else in life, there are some exceptions to being under-enrolled, such medical issues, academic difficulties, and summer vacation, but there is a procedure to be followed for these cases and at TOEFL TRAINERS we can guide you through it. Check out the After TOEFL section of our website for a full list of services.

The TOEFL TRAINERS Guide to Academic Success

The much-expected day has finally arrived. You've walked the walk, have done the work and you are on your way to becoming a college student in the U.S. Don't forget that getting settled into your new life on campus will require discipline and a mature attitude, but also a good amount of organization. Even so, take your time, enjoy the experience, make some memories, find new friends, and settle into what can represent some of the best times of your life.

Classes will be starting soon and that feeling of dread starts nagging in your head again…

Can I do this?

How do I become a great student?

Is it worth it?

Can I have a social life?

I miss my family!

Don't worry about these sentiments, we have all felt this way before and that's why at TOEFL TRAINERS we offer the follow up services you will need to make your life After TOEFL much easier to get used to. So, in order to make your transition much more satisfying and enjoyable, here is our list of tips for academic success.

  1. Your classes and academic life are the most important thing right now – Because of the obligations linked to your F-1 visa, your academic performance should be at the forefront of your goals. Remember, if you start falling behind or failing to meet your academic requirements will cause your visa to be cancelled.

  2. Organize your activities – Up until now, during your elementary and high school years, your teachers would lead you by the hand when it came to assignments and their due dates. There would be constant reminders and all the help you could get from them. But college is different, and professors will normally post the assignments for the entire semester, with the expectation of your preparedness. Gone are the days in which somebody would remind you of what had to be done. In order to become successful in this area, buy an organizer, a planner, download an app, a large wall calendar, anything that will help you keep track of what you must do to have your assignments ready whenever they may be due.

  3. Excuses are out of the question – your professors invest many hours into preparing syllabi and other resources for you to know when your work is due and what their expectations are.Memorize them if necessary, do whatever it takes to ensure you become a master at keeping track of your assignments in order to avoid failing and putting your visa at risk. Excuses for poor or late work are a dime a dozen and no longer valid as a way out of trouble.

  4. Socializing is important too – to balance out the stress of a full course load in a new country it is important to get involved in campus activities. This means you should also have some fun, make new friends, make connections, and participate in healthy activities that won't interfere with your academic life.

  5. Get help when you need it – as mentioned previously, we know that moving to a new country can be a shock, or you may be struggling with one or more issues that could cause negative interference with your studies. When this happens, the best thing you can do is get counseling or help from somebody who understands what you're going through, whether the help is available on campus or externally. At TOEFL TRAINERS we care about your feelings and will gladly help out in any way possible for you to confront any issues that may be causing you trouble in your campus life.

  6. Boldly go where you have not gone before – self-confidence and a bold attitude will help you step out of your comfort zone, allowing you to try new ways to improve your personal and academic life. So, don't be afraid to be bold and make the most out of being a student in the U.S.

  7. A balanced life is important – We know that you may feel pressured to become an excellent student, but piling on the stress without any respite can only make your health go downhill. Give yourself a break and find an activity that will help you relax and unwind. Yoga, jogging, dancing, listening to music or watching movies are good ways to balance your life. Don't forget to eat healthy foods or snacks and stay away from those that can be damaging to your health.

  8. Homesickness is a fact of life – Yes, you couldn't wait to leave your home, but eventually you may find you miss your family, your mom's cooking, your dad's quirks, or your grandmother's jokes, and you will start feeling homesick. This is the perfect time to remind yourself of your motivation for coming to the U.S. to study. Keeping your motives at the forefront of your mind, in combination with Whatsapp, Facetime, and other instant messaging apps, can help you deal with those feelings. Don't forget to send photos to your family so they can see how happy you are in your new life!

  9. Remember, you are no longer a child – becoming an adult entails some new responsibilities in life, which means holding yourself accountable for your own mistakes, especially when you are adapting to a new culture. Making excuses or blaming others for your own faults and errors is no longer acceptable, so, face the music, take responsibility for your actions and move onto enjoying your new status in life. Welcome to adulthood!

  10. Your resume is important – start working on it now. Think in terms of your future and how a good resume can help you out from the get go. Additionally, finding an internship during your sophomore year will also help you take great strides into your future goals. At TOEFL TRAINERS we know the importance of a good resume, and we can help you build one while guiding you through what will be the first steps into the life you have worked so hard to achieve.

Yes, there IS life After TOEFL. It's just a matter of reaching out and grabbing it for yourself, and at TOEFL TRAINERS we can continue to help you achieve your goals long after you have taken the test.

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A Vida após o TOEFL

Você conseguiu. Você passou no TOEFL com mérito. Parabéns! A porta para sua nova vida se abriu e uma nova estrada se estende à sua frente. É fácil imaginar que agora você domina o mundo do Inglês como segunda língua. Você provavelmente cerrou o punho e pensou: "Vamos lá!"

E de repente você é invadido por um sentimento... Lentamente uma sensação estranha sobe por sua espinha e você ouve uma pequena voz em seu cérebro dizer:

Agora o que devo fazer?

Qual o próximo passo?

Como começar?

Socorro! Estou perdido!

No TOEFL TRAINERS entendemos esses sentimentos e, pode acreditar quando afirmamos que eles são perfeitamente normais e bastante comuns dentre aqueles que têm aspirações de uma vida acadêmica no exterior. Sim, todos nós nos sentimos assim em algum momento. Mas não se preocupe, existe vida Após o TOEFL e, no TOEFL TRAINERS, estamos preparados para ajudá-lo nesse processo, a fim de maximizar suas chances de sucesso.

Cuidando de você e de seu sucesso

Uma das coisas que faz do TOEFL TRAINERS um sucesso é o fato de que todos nós ja estivemos no lugar de nossos alunos. Sabemos o quão intenso pode ser se preparar para dar o próximo passo. Entendemos que fazer o teste e obter uma ótima pontuação não é nada comparado ao que vem depois. Preparar-se para uma nova vida é definitivamente uma tarefa assustadora, e foi por isso que escolhemos acompanhá-lo durante a realização de seu objetivo de estudar e, possivelmente, permanecer permanentemente nos EUA.

Tornar-se bem sucedido envolve vários fatores-chave, como a adaptação ao seu novo ambiente em todos os aspectos da vida, incluindo academicamente, social e emocionalmente. As diferenças culturais entre seu estilo de vida atual e o que você encontrará nos EUA podem ser chocantes. Coisas simples, como as refeições e os tipos de comida que estão ou não disponíveis para você, podem causar certos impactos emocionais que podem prejudicar o seu caminho para o sucesso.

Além disso, como um novo residente dos EUA, você terá que executar certas tarefas que, embora pareçam triviais, podem ser confusas para um recém-chegado, como por exemplo, obter uma carteira de motorista, abrir uma conta bancária, comprar carro, dentre outras. No TOEFL TRAINERS, fornecemos serviços de consultoria que ajudarão você a realizar essas tarefas com rapidez e facilidade, para que você possa se concentrar no que realmente importa para você, seu sucesso. A experiência de nossa fundadora em superar obstáculos no exterior tem provado ser muito valiosa para nossos alunos, já que eles enfrentam os mesmos desafios.

Está preparado? Vamos começar

Uma das primeiras coisas que você deve saber quando planeja chegar e permanecer nos EUA é que existe um processo rigoroso a ser seguido. A aquisição do seu visto de estudante exige muita paciência, determinação, persistência, comprometimento, disciplina e maturidade; caso contrário, você poderá se encontrar sem grandes opcões.

Também é importante ter conhecimento das obrigações que você deve cumprir durante o seu período de estudante, para não correr o risco de ter seu visto revogado. Uma das obrigações mais importantes que o Departamento de Estado exige é que você tenha uma carga horária completa do curso escolhido. Isso significa que você não pode simplesmente ter uma aula aqui e outra ali para justificar sua permanência, mas sim um mínimo de 12 horas de crédito por semestre, se você é um estudante de graduação ou 9 horas de crédito ou 3 horas de crédito de tese, se você é um estudante de pós-graduação para evitar a rescisão do seu visto F-1.