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TOEFL TRAINERS as an institution is dedicated to offering additional services that will help you accomplish your desired goal once you get to your university or begin your studies. Below are some of the other services we offer:

Assignment Corrections - We will correct grammar, review punctuation, remove typos, and improve the structure of your English written assignments before you submit them. Email us the assignment as a word document, and you will have it corrected within 48 hours. 

See Assignment Corrections

General Consulting - We also provide consulting advice on the many aspects of adapting yourself to a new environment. These may include getting a driver's license, opening a bank account, buying a car, and other areas an international student might need while adjusting to the American Culture. You can schedule a video conferencing appointment, email, or a Whatsapp call for any advice, doubts, or questions you may have. One of our TOEFL TRAINERS will gladly help you.

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When you register with us as a student, you will get a complimentary 2-hour assignment correction on your first semester after joining your university.

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